Sunitha Lal is a Human Resources professional and Organizational Culture expert based out of Bangalore, India. She has a keen interest in the space of unconscious processes in individuals, groups, and systems.

As a strong proponent of the oral tradition of storytelling, she believes that stories keep us glued, keeping the values of cultures alive. She looks at storytelling as a healing process; cultures learn and mend through stories told and retold through ages.

She actively engages with and contributes to forums and platforms that focus on Building Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Mindful Leadership, and Organizational Behavior.

With interest in yoga and philosophy, Sunitha marvels at the connection between mind, body and soul, and the influence this equilibrium has in answering life’s broader questions.

She is the author of the book ‘Dotting the Blemish and Other Stories’ which is a collection of short stories commenting on inherent prejudices we have as a society, narrated by strong women leading an ordinary life.

Dotting the Blemish and other Stories

Dotting the Blemish is a collection of short stories that reflect and comment on the inherent prejudices we have as a society. These try to capture the strong patriarchal system we sanction and the unconscious biases we uphold, in social structures, norms, and beliefs.


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